Bug Tracking Tool Some Reasons to Utilize Effective

Do you know that diverse web apps are tested in various ways? Yet, they all contain that specific aspect of testing commonality of reporting the bugs, assigning them, and resolving the bugs efficiently as required. If not, their releases and operability date could be undermined. Basically, implementing effectual bug tracking tool is a fundamental resolve in addressing the issue of bugs. Consequently, developers tend to consider this an official mandate in the process of testing. However, if an individual deploys an amateur system of tracking as opposed to using a professional mode will lead in encountering a number of problems predominately.

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Wrong Bug Categorization

Basically, using an amateur tracking method normally deploys emails in reporting and assigning bugs. In this case, the size of the organization plays a crucial role since when the team involve least members then their tracking requirements are uncomplicated. And, basically the program for such a small group entails a flexible date of release hence tracking through using an email could plausibly perform. However, this changes when the Firm involves a large group because their tracking requirements are intricate and as such the release date of the program is firm. Thus, any attempts to report and assign bugs by email would not help. Instead, this will lead into vaguely categorized bugs’ result, a collection of emails that are intricate to systematize, and time wasting that leads into postponing release date.

Unable to Document the Resolved Bugs

In general, web applications tools designed for testing that work in-conjunction with bug tracking tool permit users to document all activities carried out in resolving bugs menace. The tickets which have all the recorded actions can be amassed in the tracking file for the purpose of referring in the future. However, this task is not applicable in case these tickets are missing forcing developers to resolve similar kinds of bugs and viruses from the first step. Basically, creating trails of history helps in restructuring bug resolution, permitting testers to resolve bugs prior to the anticipated date of program release.

Custom Reports Generation

Lastly, failure to use recommended bug tracking tool will lead to incapability to track project growth in a synchronized manner. If an individual want to beat project anticipated deadline then, they need to maintain the project as scheduled. This means that the project manager should monitor every step and task made in real-time. Thus, when you have real-time capability to monitor your project whenever a need arises such as shifting workloads, and task assigning responsibilities are imperative as opposed to postponing.

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