Is Bug Tracking Software Really Painless?

When you hear about painless bug tracking software, it is easy to shrug it off as just another marketing gimmick. Sure, someone create testing software and now they want you to use it, and so they are touting it as completely painless. It sounds too good to be true, so really it must not be. Right?

If you do think like that, you could really pass on an incredible opportunity that can cost your business a lot of money, time and most importantly reputation. When there is just too much going on in your business, it may become too much to just focus on your product completely and monitor its development. When you are overworked, understaffed or underprepared for testing, that’s when things begin to slip through the cracks.

A bug tracking system essentially trims your monitoring tasks to the basics. When your development team is done with the software, all you have to do is to pass it through a software check from where the software takes over. You get a detailed report on how your software is performing, and you can easily use this to fix all the issues that you just didn’t have time for before. So really, when you look at it objectively, bug tracking software can be really painless. Having said that, it would be wise to understand that not all software was created equal, and therefore, there are some that are better than others.

Problems You May Face

One of the biggest challenges that you can face, when doling out a software is that customers are facing problems and bugs, but don’t just quite know what’s going wrong. They are not able to explain to you the issue they are facing, and if they do, they do not understand whether the issue has been completely resolved or not. This can pose a problem because of the customer is not completely informed of the situation, you will find yourself in a testing loop, where you may be tracking invisible bugs, or trying to find an issue that your customer is simply not able to accurately describe to you.

Which Bug Tracking Software Should You Use?

This is an interesting question. There are so many softwares out there, that you may end up feeling slightly lost. When bug tracker software comes with a shelf life, it is as good as useless. Thankfully, there are companies like Informup which take care of that. With their bug tracking system, you can create and test unlimited projects, for as long as you want. It runs tests on your software and generates bug reports right there and then. It is a highly customizable solution which comes tailored to your needs and has a powerful rule engine that makes your work infinitely simpler.

What is also commendable about this tool is that you can take screenshots with a single click and then use the online image editor to get an exact understanding of the issues. There is a very strong link between tests, bugs and the requirements. With the software, you get a highly customizable dashboard which can be as stripped down or as feature rich as you want.

There are other good bug tracking softwares out there too. Trackstudio and Bugzilla are two other software, that rated highly by users and reviewers. You may even use some of the open source software, but those may have limited functionalities and may not be as comprehensive as you may want them to be.

All we can advise you is to tread carefully. There are a lot of products out there and some of these would no doubt seem very good to you. Your aim should be to get yourself  a reliable software that is easy to use, and which does not come with an expiration date.

6 Bug Tracking Applications to Make Your Life Easy

Every software development project needs bug tracking system to locate and fix problems within thousands of lines of code. Aside from keeping tabs on stupendous issues, forthcoming features, and plan schedules in a wide-ranging system, numerous of these applications as well permit users to tender attribute requests and bug reports directly.
Integrating bug tracker or bug tracking tools within the work in due course results in an improved outcome.

These applications are suitable for the sole developer and teams. Some of these applications can be used as project management, so it is easy to manage and debug the project using just a single piece of software. In the following paragraphs, you will find six of the applications you could use to speed up the development procedure and administer important issues and errors.

Below some bug tracking tools you might want to know closer:

1. It offers a flawless bug tracking workflow to let the user transport high-quality software. It requires fewer configurations to leave more time to work on the application. The dashboard gives a general idea of all projects, at the same time as allow diving into projects and tasks rapidly. Milestones allow breaking down of projects into deadlines and keep track of the overall progress of each milestone, with issue counts and status bars giving the user with the main pressing issues.

2.  DoneDone. It is a simple but effective issue tracker. It primarily helps the user keep track of bugs with ideas and requests during each stage of the project. The user will have the option to assign due dates, prioritize issues, and communicate and share files straight with only the use of an Internet connection. It also features real-time notifications with the use of prevailing filtering, tagging, and search functions that make organizing the project and tasks efficient.

3.  BugDigger. It provides bug reporting intended for web applications. As such, it allows automatic capture of screenshots, environment data, as well as website usage history. The free BugDigger browser plug-in makes bug reporting quick and simple. It has the ability to generate a project and connect a website with it and permits anyone to send feedback or report a bug devoid of registration.

4.  BugLogHQ. The primary benefit is that it is a free and an open-source tool. It was designed to centralize the conduct of automated bug reports from several applications, giving an integrated inspection of error messages so the user can search, graph, and eventually forward bug reports. With the dashboard, there is an aggregated view of data to help keep track of the overall health of the applications and every current issue. It correlates bug reports with similar occurrences, so you can recognize trends and simply find out which applications are facing problems. Lastly, it has mobile-friendly view to keep tabs on the activity.

5.  LogDigger. It provides a suite of tools to assist in collecting and classifying detailed error reports and logs for Java applications to fix bugs and errors faster. It works with any Java web development framework with no external dependencies, and has the aptitude to assemble custom modules via HTTP POST and send to BugDigger for routine sorting. The instinctive interface presents in-depth inaccuracy insights without an exterior error logging server.

6.  BugUp. It is a smart and simple bug tracking system web-based software. It is mainly designed for both small and midsize companies, also it’s allow unlimited projects without any issues.
What is great about this bug tracking software is that it comes with one click screenshot and online editor.
For more information about BugUp and its key benefits you might want to visit its page:

Bug Tracking Software Guarantees Safe Browsing Experience

Installing bug tracking software on a computer is a great and commendable decision. Since inception of ICT man has witnessed development of computers and databases in a massive way. This has also led to an increase in cyber crimes, security lapses since people are sharing personal data on internet thereby exposing their safety when on the internet. For instance, people are sharing private and confidential information concerning their true identity, financial logs and business statistics. Consequently, this article would address the issue of tracking software and the many benefits derived.

Why you need it?

Internet is overpopulated with malicious software that can penetrate your computer. This is because there are pre-existing and automated bugs that waits to infiltrate computers as users browse certain websites. Besides, there are countless of these bugs designed and produced by professional hackers. Yet, they can infect a computer with an active antivirus scanner since experienced and knowledgeable hackers can design bugs that can penetrate the best firewall in the market.

The world is rapidly changing and bug tracking tools are changing as well thus the need to realize the dynamism and cyber crimes tactics. Thus, if the software performs updates, or changes, the viruses and bugs can cope. As a computer user you need to always update your virus and bug systems. The above task can be accomplished by installing the correct tracking software. This will help in detecting even the most specialized and unique bugs and removing them from your computer before they do any damage to your stored data. It is imperative for your security pedestal to include the aspect of tracking software since this equates to having personal security desk perfectly within your PC.

Special Helpdesk

It is important that individuals consider bug tracking software as the key safeguard for their PC. This should reminiscent a security guard waylaying any foreigners in form of bugs and viruses to burgle your database. Yet, it is apparent that stored information on your computer could be sheltered from bugs’ infiltration but your computer is vulnerable to other problems. For instance, there is the issue of computer hard drive and mainframe being vulnerable to other related breakages. Fortunately, issues arising from hard drive and mainframe can be addressed by contacting customer care for help since they can prescribe special software. Basically, knowing that there is someone ready to help with any queries around the clock, a person who is an e-mail and a phone-call away gives great relief to individuals who are incompetent when it comes to matters software and computer maintenance.


Computer plays an integral role into our lives by making it easy to accomplish various tasks deemed as complex. Thus, when administrating any kind of database it is critical to realize that at any one time there are countless users who are tracking both the trends and statistics. And, hackers too who are ready to design a bug to infiltrate your database so that they can steal your information. Consequently, this is the reason why it is important to have a reliable bug tracking software to guarantee your safety when browsing.

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