Is Bug Tracking Software Really Painless?

When you hear about painless bug tracking software, it is easy to shrug it off as just another marketing gimmick. Sure, someone create testing software and now they want you to use it, and so they are touting it as completely painless. It sounds too good to be true, so really it must not be. Right?

If you do think like that, you could really pass on an incredible opportunity that can cost your business a lot of money, time and most importantly reputation. When there is just too much going on in your business, it may become too much to just focus on your product completely and monitor its development. When you are overworked, understaffed or underprepared for testing, that’s when things begin to slip through the cracks.

A bug tracking system essentially trims your monitoring tasks to the basics. When your development team is done with the software, all you have to do is to pass it through a software check from where the software takes over. You get a detailed report on how your software is performing, and you can easily use this to fix all the issues that you just didn’t have time for before. So really, when you look at it objectively, bug tracking software can be really painless. Having said that, it would be wise to understand that not all software was created equal, and therefore, there are some that are better than others.

Problems You May Face

One of the biggest challenges that you can face, when doling out a software is that customers are facing problems and bugs, but don’t just quite know what’s going wrong. They are not able to explain to you the issue they are facing, and if they do, they do not understand whether the issue has been completely resolved or not. This can pose a problem because of the customer is not completely informed of the situation, you will find yourself in a testing loop, where you may be tracking invisible bugs, or trying to find an issue that your customer is simply not able to accurately describe to you.

Which Bug Tracking Software Should You Use?

This is an interesting question. There are so many softwares out there, that you may end up feeling slightly lost. When bug tracker software comes with a shelf life, it is as good as useless. Thankfully, there are companies like Informup which take care of that. With their bug tracking system, you can create and test unlimited projects, for as long as you want. It runs tests on your software and generates bug reports right there and then. It is a highly customizable solution which comes tailored to your needs and has a powerful rule engine that makes your work infinitely simpler.

What is also commendable about this tool is that you can take screenshots with a single click and then use the online image editor to get an exact understanding of the issues. There is a very strong link between tests, bugs and the requirements. With the software, you get a highly customizable dashboard which can be as stripped down or as feature rich as you want.

There are other good bug tracking softwares out there too. Trackstudio and Bugzilla are two other software, that rated highly by users and reviewers. You may even use some of the open source software, but those may have limited functionalities and may not be as comprehensive as you may want them to be.

All we can advise you is to tread carefully. There are a lot of products out there and some of these would no doubt seem very good to you. Your aim should be to get yourself  a reliable software that is easy to use, and which does not come with an expiration date.

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